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Apart from Soccer, Cadence SFC focus on Futsal to develop the players decision making skills, technique with the ball, confidence in 1v1 situations, and to inspire creativity. Therefore, the Winter Academy Program is a great option if the player is already playing soccer at another club and wants to improve their skills training Futsal and/or Soccer on a weekly base, learning the importance of futsal for a high level soccer player. This program is also very beneficial for those who never played Futsal before and would like to be introduced to this incredible sport.

Also, player enrolled on the Winter Academy will be eligible to compete with Cadence SFC Teams on all Futsal tournaments. Rosters will always be made on a combination of availability, playing level and performance. 

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All trainings are based on our DOC Zego’s methodology with a mix of Futsal and small sided Soccer

With this option, the player can train with our Pre-Academy and/or Academy teams. This program is designed to players that would like to only train and play FUTSAL and SOCCER with Cadence SFC during the Winter and do not want to be part of the regular soccer program/season.

Program starts on November and it ends in April.

Training options are based on age and skill level: 5 - 6:30PM, 6:30 - 8PM, 8 - 9:30PM.

All practices will be following the Pre-Academy & Academy Soccer and Futsal Club schedule!

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- Player placement by our club DOC and his staff based on age and/or skill level.

- Up to 5 weekly training sessions. (Monday to Friday).
- All training sessions are 90 minutes minimum daily.

- Professional Coaches running/supervising all training sessions and games.

- One black training t-shirt.

- Eligible to compete with Cadence SFC Teams on Futsal Tournaments.

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